OK, We Can Do This!

Bill Mathews


Thank you for visiting “OK, We Can Do This!” I hope you will be able offer a comment before you leave, or perhaps send me an email. Visitors’ comments, suggestions, questions, or criticisms are welcome and solicited.

Timberlake Associates
The name of my business is Timberlake Associates, LLC. I design and build websites. A while ago I realized I had fallen behind, way behind. My software was obsolete and I really wasn’t into social media, except for my personal profile. I enjoyed the sharing with family and friends, but wasn’t doing much in a business sense with it. I did enough reading to know I needed to change that, but I wasn’t sure how.

I fixed the software problem by installing Adobe’s CS5 package and I gained some experience with a personal blog for a while. I knew I needed to catch up on how to integrate web sites and social media into one strategy and become a user myself.

Leads Group
One of the best ways to learn anything, of course, is to do it. And, as it turned out, I had a place to start. I belong to a networking group, part of our local Chamber of Commerce. Using WordPress.com, I created a blog for the group. Its purpose is to provide everyone with a chance to try their hand at blogging and to share content related to their business. As you might anticipate a few are using it, some haven’t tried it, and the others are somewhere in the middle. If you’re interested, you can see it at http://wiltonchamberleads.wordpress.com.

Wilton Center Travel
I also have been working with one of the Group members to create and use a blog.  Judy White, who owns a successful travel agency in our home town of Wilton, CT, has been working hard at creating the blog content, and I help her by doing the actual posting. You can see her blog at http://wiltontraveltapas.com .

Tri-Town Teachers Credit Union
Another opportunity to learn came from a long time web site client, a local teachers’ credit union. I had been encouraging them to move in this direction for a number of months and after a couple of “learning sessions” with members, they decided to take the plunge. Having a limited staff, they asked me to help with their efforts at using social media and mass emailing, in addition to the web site support I had been giving them.

Needs of Small Businesses
So what does this all mean? I have been following a number of blogs on content marketing and social media. There are a lot of knowledgeable and experienced people out there. I wouldn’t dare to compare myself to them, but I haven’t seen many, if any, clear answers for people like Judy White, the credit union, and many in my Chamber networking group. Instead, most of the time I read blogs about what “your CMO and marketing staff” should be doing and ROI examples for much larger businesses.

My clients don’t have CMO’s. Most likely the owner is the CEO, COO, CFO, CMO and Chief Cook & Bottle Washer all wrapped up in one. The one title they usually don’t have is CIO. As easy as WordPress.com is to use, it’s still a daunting prospect for many people to give it a go without help. Not to mention the time constraints.

Now I know there are many small businesses that have heard the message and have the experience and knowledge to create and use a marketing program built around web sites and social media. Or they simply had the gumption to jump right in, sink or swim. But I believe there are many small business people who cannot make that leap today.

These are savvy and successful business people, but they are not ready or prepared to implement a social media based content marketing strategy, even if someone creates it for them. What appears to be required is help, not only with the planning and implementation, but in many cases, with the on-going execution.

I think I can be that help.

Is There a Business Model
What isn’t for sure at this point, can we be successful with an outside person being a major player? And is there a business model that makes it worth my time and effort, and at the same time, is cost effective for these clients. Only time will tell.

OK, We Can Do This
I started this blog with the hope that a community will form (or that I become aware of one that I can join) that will help my clients and I find our way to the answers to the questions above. Of course, my big hope is also that we are successful and our experiences can be used by other small and, dare I say it, very small businesses in their quest to use the internet as a productive marketing platform.

My plan is to offer two kinds of posts here. One will be an on-going narrative of our experiences as the clients and I build and implement our content marketing strategies. The other more generalized around the subject of internet marketing with a focus on content marketing.

I have much to learn. Some of that will come from personal experience, but I hope the broad community of people actively engaged and possessing more knowledge and experience than I can ever gain, will be the assistance my clients and I need.

Thank you again for visiting.

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