Finding My Voice

Finding My Voice
Bill Mathews
Timberlake Associates, LLC

 “What’s this all about?”
  • Define the audience
    • Small organizations with management and administrative staff of 12 or less
    • Primarily the ownership or management of these organization?
  • What are the key needs of the audience?
    • Determining if the ROI is there
    • Developing the strategy
    • Building the pieces
    • Carrying out the strategy
    • Time available is a critical factor; without help many members of this audience simply do not have the time to deal with the above needs
  • What are your objectives?
    • Use a social media based content marketing strategy to establish the following as a brand image for TA:
      • By providing the experience, knowledge, and leadership required, TA can help small businesses find and develop an internet marketing strategy that fits their needs and resources.
      • For those businesses that need it, TA can provide on-going assistance with the day-to-day execution of the strategy.
“What am I going to write about?”
  • Define the scope
    • An on-going narrative of progress, and challenges, at several clients
    • Statements that take the specific experiences and extrapolate them into generalized observations
  • Identify the key focus areas – “What are you going to talk about?”
    • ROI
    • Content marketing
    • Strategy
    • What’s working and what isn’t
    • Resources
“How are you going to do that?”
  • What platforms will be used?
    • Web site, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • How much time will be devoted?
    • Whatever it takes, there is no greater professional priority
  • On what kind of schedule?
    • Initially one blog post a week, with the objective to increase that to two posts per week
    • A daily session with Twitter and Facebook
    • The web site and LinkedIn will receive attention as needed
  • What tools are required?
    • Web site, blog, Facebook page, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts
    • Google+ page will be added
“What will be your style?”
  • Learning experience narrative vs. generalized advice?
    • My preference is a first person narrative relating actual experience
    • There is a need though, for generalized observations and conclusions, not everybody will walk the same path as TA
    • In addition, there is a universe of content out there on the internet. Some of it should be re-published (with credit) because it’s good
  • Answers or questions – How much of each?
    • More answers or lessons learned than questions
    • But questions are important, TA can’t be seen as “having all the answers” and hopefully questions will stimulate responses and comments, and “good stuff”
  • How serious vs. light-hearted?
    • Obviously someone’s business is an important and serious matter, but a light-hearted touch here and there can be uplifting and refreshing. Cartoon-like illustrations to make points is a good technique.
  • How long will the posts be?
    • Short to medium length, probably generally less than 1000 words. Longer topics can be broken into multiple installments
  • The good with the bad?
    • Absolutely!

A personal note of thanks to Rob Petersen for his advice, “Find Your Voice”
Bill Mathews

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